ALTERBIO France is a marketer of organic fruits and vegetables. Our job is to reconcile the imperatives of production with those of distribution.

Since 1984 with the creation of the first organic fruit and vegetable shipping station in France, we are at the service of the development of Organic Farming and the structuring of the Organic Fruits and Vegetables sector.

The first European fruit and vegetable bursting center, the Saint-Charles platform and its state-of-the-art equipment in Europe, has welcomed the structure of Alterbio France since its inception. Thus, our station benefits from the main logistical means to receive and distribute its fruits and vegetables to all the destinations: road, rail and sea.

Alterbio is equipped with a station of 5,500m 2 divided into five cells equipped with directed refrigeration . All our services (reception, processing, order preparation, packaging, sales and accounting) meet a high quality policy to satisfy you.